Oct 01

Donnelly on Safety & Security

Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly says while he thinks the President will be safe during his upcoming visit to Indiana, he has some major concerns about recent news stories and reports regarding the Secret Service.

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Zoeller Proposes More Consumer Protections

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is proposing more consumer protections for Hoosiers.

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Sep 30

President Obama to visit Evansville area Friday -

The Indy Star reports President Barack Obama is coming to Evansville on Friday.  The trip will be sixth time Obama has visited Indiana since he became president in 2009.

Sep 29

Home Schoolers and High School Athletics

Should kids who are home schooled be allowed to participate in athletics in their local high schools?

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Sep 27

Why Are Democrats Worried about Another Ballard Run?

Read The Cheat Sheet and find out!

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On the Air This Weekend

Be sure to catch "Indiana Issues" this week as we look ahead to the November elections and talk about what state and local leaders are doing to combat the issue of teen suicide.

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Coalition Announces Efforts to fight Public Fraud

By Lesley Weidenbener

INDIANAPOLIS – A group of officials representing local, state and federal governments will push a series of legislative proposals meant to protect public funds and speed the recovery of taxpayers dollars lost to fraud.

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Sep 25

Mayor Hite?

Say what? 

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White Outlines Election Reforms

Democratic candidate for Indiana Secretary of State Beth White today announced election reforms which she says will lead to more voter participation because it will make it easier for Hoosiers to vote.

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Sep 24

Public Access Counselor Says Ritz Office Violated Public Records Law


The Indiana Public Access Counselor has issued an advisory opinion saying it believes the Department of Education violated the state’s public access law when it failed to respond to my request for e-mails regarding former Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett.

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