Who, Or What, Exactly is Abdul?


“Is Abdul a journalist? A commentator? An entertainer? A gossip-monger? All of the above?”

                              ~Brian Howey —   HPI, Sep 11,2014

On The Air


Be sure to catch us on the air this weekend as we discuss the major issues impacting Hoosiers across Indiana.

Ballard Chief of Staff Departing


Ryan Vaughn, Chief of Staff for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has announced he is leaving to take over at the Indiana Sports Corporation.

Evan Bayh Not Running for Governor

As first reported weeks ago in "The Cheat Sheet", Evan Bayh has announced he is NOT running for Governor in 2016.

Hoosier Congressional Delegation Reacts to POTUS


Members of Indiana’s Congressional delegation are sounding cautious when it comes to the President’s address on dealing with the terrorist group known as ISIS.

State Revenue Collections Show Mixed Picture

Although State of Indiana revenue collections are coming in slightly below the amounts forecast, they are still above the previous year.

U.S. Senator Dan Coats discusses ISIS threat on CNN.  He says this is a defining moment for the Obama administration.


State Auditor Announces Upgrade to Transparency Portal

State Auditor Suzanne Crouch says Hoosiers can now get information about Indiana’s fixed assets thanks to upgrades to its online transparency portal.

Indiana Asks SCOTUS to Overturn Marriage Ruling

The state of Indiana wasted no time in appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to overturn a ruling by the the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which declared its ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

More Trouble for Turner

Could there be more trouble in store for State Rep. Eric Turner stemming from the nursing home moratorium controversy?  Only way to find out!