A Quick Thought on the Pacer Deal

by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

A number of people have been asking me what I think about the deal reached between the Indiana Pacers and the Capital Improvement Board.   To be honest, I have mixed feelings.  Actually, let me be more than honest, I wish it wasn’t necessary.

Simpson Demands $150,000 from City

An Indianapolis City-County Councilor who is suing the city regarding his 2012 arrest for interfering with public safety officials at a crime scene tells the Ballard administration that he will drop the litigation if they pay him  $150,000.

Indy Star: Council to sue city for Operations Center records

The Indy Star reports tonight the Indianapolis City-County Council voted to sue the Ballard administration city for records on how it reached a long-term lease deal for the troubled Regional Operations Center.

City, Pacers Say New Deal is Good for Indy

City officials and the Indiana Pacers say a new deal with the team will help generate millions for local coffers in tax revenue.

Pence Heads to Germany


Indiana Governor Mike Pence today headed out fora near week-long trade mission to Germany.

A Conversation on Crime


With the arraignment this week of 16-year old Simeon Adams for the April 1 murder of Nathan Trapuzzano Indy Politics spent the week looking at the crime issue and what public safety officials can and where they are falling short in addressing the problem.

"Dangerous" Dan Parker

Why does the thought of former Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker running for Indy Mayor scare the you-know-what out of the current Marion County Democratic Party leadership?

On the Air

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RTV 6: Indy & Pacers Reach a Deal

RTV 6 reports a new deal made between the City of Indianapolis and the Indiana Pacers will keep the team in Indy for at least another decade.

Federal Judge Issues Temporary Order Compelling Indiana to Recognize Out of State Same-Sex Marriages


A federal judge today ordered in Indiana ordered the state to recognize immediately the marriage of a lesbian couple in Munster.