CIB Approves $106 Million Budget


The Capital Improvement Board has unveiled a budget it says will spend about $8 million less than last year, but includes $22 million worth of improvements.

Ballard Introduces $1 Billion Budget


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is introducing a budget that spends more on public safety, but does include a proposed public safety tax.

Rush Wants to Continue Review of Marion County Judicial Practices

Indiana’s new Supreme Court Chief Justice says her goal is to continue to build public trust in the judicial system as well as review some judicial practices in Marion County.

Indiana Unemployment Remains Steady

Despite what officials call significant gains in the private sector, Indiana’s unemployment rate remains steady at 5.9%.

Strong IPS Leadership: Our Future Depends On It

In a guest column, the Indy Chamber offers up its endorsements for the IPS School Board.

This Week on Indiana Issues

This week we focus on Indiana’s environment and water supply.

The Truth About ‘Fair Share’ in Property Taxes

By Bill Waltz

When the Legislature’s Blue Ribbon Commission begins its look at the state’s taxes yet this summer, invariably there will be talk of business needing to pay its “fair share.” That’s certainly true, but what is fair?

Walorski’s VA Tour

Indy Politics talks with 2nd CD Congresswoman Jackie Walorski on her recent tour of VA facilities in Indiana as well as the bipartisan passing of legislation to fix the recent problems at the VA.

Loss of Vital Local Revenue could damage Quality of Life for Hoosiers

by Matthew C. Greller, IACT Executive Director and CEO

Earlier this year, as the legislature debated proposals to begin eliminating Indiana’s personal property tax, the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns launched a campaign to educate them and other thought leaders on the danger of continuing to siphon revenues away from the cities and towns we love to call home. 

Family Feud

Indy Politics asks Indiana State Board of Education Member Brad Oliver whether the recent controversies with Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz means the position should be appointed rather than an elected position.