Should Building & Trades Unions Be Exempted from “Right to Work”?

The head of an Indianapolis-area non-union construction and builders organization says there is no reason for the builders and trades unions to exempted from the current right to work law, because they already enjoy protection at the federal level.

J.R. Gaylor of the Indiana Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors says federal law currently exempts companies that use hiring halls for construction projects from right to work legislation so there is no need for an exemption.

Under the the current “right to work” legislation being considered in the Statehouse and employer could not compel an applicant to pay union fees as a condition of their employment.  On Friday the State Senate defeated an amendment that would have exempted the building and construction trade unions from “right to work”.   The House is expected to take up amendments today.

He also disputes claims that right to work lowers wages and jeopardizes safety on construction projects.

Gaylor also answered the criticism by unions that right to work allows non-union members to “freeload” because the legislation allows them to get union representation without having to pay for it.

You can hear Gaylor’s comments below.  They run approximately 10 minutes.  Indy Politics has reached out to one of the leaders in the Indiana union movement.  We hope to bring that interview to you tomorrow.

Leon-Tailored Interview: J.R Gaylor

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    posted 23 January, 2012
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