"Right to Work" Debate Underway

Indiana lawmakers are taking up the controversial “right to work” legislation this afternoon.  The state Senate has the measure up for a full vote later today.  The House is currently debating amendments to the bill.

Under RTW, a employer could not compel a employee to pay union fees as a condition of employment. 

The first real test of the bill came on a procedural motion offered by Democrats to strike the wording from the bill.  It was defeated 59-39 on a strict party line vote.

Another amendment, one that would have clarified what Republicans say is an exemption for the building and construction trades passed  57-41.  A similar measure was offered in the Senate on Friday, it passed.  Democrats complained that other labor professions should be “carved out” as well and accused House Republicans of trying to divide the unions. Republicans said the measure simply reiterated what current federal law does with respect to using hiring halls.

More than 80 amendments could be offered by the time it is all said and done and a final vote take place tomorrow.

The Senate will take up RTW on final passage later this afternoon after dealing a number of other bills.

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    posted 23 January, 2012
    by indypolitics