State to Investigate McIntosh Residency Complaint

The Indiana Election Commission says it will investigate recent allegations of voter fraud and perjury levied against 5th District Congressional Candidate David McIntosh.

A complaint was filed earlier this month accusing McIntosh of violating Indiana’s voter laws because he voted absentee in 2008 and 2010 although he held a Virginia driver’s license, which under Virgina state law you are not allowed to have unless you are a resident.

A spokesman for Secretary of State Connie Lawson says they are reviewing the complaint and are also encouraging the Madison County Election Board to do the same.  They did not say when the investigation would be complete nor go into any other details.

The McIntosh campaign has labeled the complaint as pure politics.  And McIntosh says he investigated the matter and has produced an informal opinion from the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office saying there has been no violation of the law.

McIntosh’s opponents in the race have all said he needs to address the residency issue to voters.  The most recent being John McGoff who encouraged Lawson’s office to move as quickly as possible on the matter.

The primary is May 8.

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