Is Indiana Gay Friendly?

As Indianapolis prepares to mark PRIDE weekend in downtown, one national gay rights activist has some tough words for Indiana Democrats.

Bil Browning of the Bilerico Project has been writing about LGBT issues for years.  He used to live in Indianapolis but now resides in the D.C. area with his partner.  He spoke to Indy Politics about the state of gay rights in Indiana, whether PRIDE parades were family friendly or promoted stereotypes.  And he also offered up tough criticism for the Democratic statewide candidates and their positions on marriage equality.

You can hear Browning’s comments below*.  Each segment runs about 7 minutes.

Leon-Tailored Interview: Bil Browning; Gay Rights Activist - 1

Leon-Tailored Interview: Bil Browning; Gay Rights Activist - 2 

*Editor’s note: This interview was conducted prior to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals decision regarding the Defense of Marriage Act.

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    posted 01 June, 2012
    by indypolitics