Is She a D, an R or Both?

A look at the voting record for the Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction shows that up until 2008 she had only voted in Republican primaries dating back to 1990.

Democrats are expected to nominate 57-year old Glenda Ritz of Carmel.  She is an educator in Washington Township.  However a check of the voter rolls dated May 31 shows she voted in the Republican primary in 2012.   However, that information was changed Thursday afternoon once Indy Politics broke the story that she was listed as taking a GOP ballot in the May primary.

Link to Ritz voting record dated May 31.

Link to Ritz voting record dated June 14.

Democrats say it was a “clerical error” and that Ritz voted in the Democratic primary, however it was transcribed to show she voted in the GOP Primary.  Ritz  did vote in the 2008 and 2010 Democratic primaries.  However records show she voted in virtually every Republican primary from 1990-2006.  

Democrats went after Republican Lt. Governor candidate Sue Ellspersmann for voting in the 2008 Democratic primary between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

During her announcement today at the Statehouse, Ritz criticized the GOP for cutting education funding and incumbent Tony Bennett for not speaking up for schools.

Photo: ISTA Facebook Page

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    posted 14 June, 2012
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