Ballard; Indy Avoided Its Own Fiscal Cliff


In his monthly interview with Indy Politics, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard says by vetoing part of the budget  the city avoided going over its own fiscal cliff.

Ballard vetoed nearly $30 million in spending that would have gone to county offices, the Mayor says by doing that the city is staying on more solid financial footing.  And he says the County offices have to live within their means.

Ballard also discusses public safety, the fight over redistricting, Indy’s relationship with the Republican legislature, mass transit and negotiations with the Indiana Pacers over the operations of Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The interview is divided into two 9-minute segments.

Leon-Tailored Audio - Indy Mayor Greg Ballard, Part 1

Leon-Tailored Audio - Indy Mayor Greg Ballard, Part 2

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    posted 10 December, 2012
    by indypolitics