The Cost of an Indiana Education

Believe it or not, the most expensive place to educate a child in Indiana is not in the Indianapolis Public School District or Ft. Wayne, it’s the Hammond Academy of  Math & Science Technology.  According to 2011 state data, Hammond Academy spends nearly $35,000 per student.

In all of calendar year 2011, Indiana’s publicly funded schools received more than $12 billion in state, local and federal taxes.  Divide than up between nearly one million kids in K-12 classrooms and the average cost per student is slightly more than $12,000 each.

In 2011, schools (both traditional public and charter) received $6.5 billion in state money, nearly $4.2 billion in local revenue and $1.3 billion in state assistance.  

There 358 public and charter school corporations in the state.

The school corporations with the highest expenditures per student were…

  •         Hammond Academy of Science and Technology - $34,915.
  •         Hope Academy - $18,735.
  •         DeKalb County Eastern School Community District - $21,720.
  •         Muncie Community Schools - $17,761.
  •         School City of East Chicago - $17,423.
  •          Indianapolis Public Schools - $17,052.
  •         Hamilton Community Schools - $17,040.

The school corporations with the lowest expenditures per student were…

  •          Geist Montessori Academy - $6,828.
  •          Stonegate Early Clg HS for Sci/Tech - $6,815.
  •          Renaissance Academy Charter School - $7,099.
  •          Rock Creek Community Academy - $7,110.
  •          Beacon Academy -  $7,696
  •          Signature School - $7,336
  •          Cass Township Schools - $5,884*

*In 2011, Cass Township Schools merged with Dewey Prairie Consolidated Schools to form the new Tri-Towship Consolidated School District.

A complete list of  publicly funded school revenue and expenditures can be found here.



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