Pence Takes Power from Ritz


One his first day in office and with one fell swoop of his pen, Indiana Governor Mike Pence took a key agency away from Democratic Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz.

Pence signed an executive order that puts the Indiana Educational Employment Relations Board under the Governor and away from the Superintendent’s Office.

The Office had historically been under the Governor’s purview but was placed under the Superintendent’s Office by Mitch Daniels in 2011.

Pence did not say he was doing it to take power away from Ritz, but that it had been under the Governor’s Office in times past.

The IEERB resolves disputes between teachers unions and school districts.  Ritz, a teacher, received massive union support during her campaign where she defeated Tony Bennett.

One former School Superintendent told Indy Politics the move was a “really big deal.”

Pence also signed a number of other Executive Orders, including one that compels every state agency to create an ethics office, puts a moratorium on all new rules and regulations on business with some exceptions, and creates more transparency in State Government.

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    posted 14 January, 2013
    by indypolitics