Indy’s Most Liberal???


In the spirit of having a little fun on Friday and showing some love to people who should really be ignored, we are posting the Indiana Tea Party’s most updated list of most “liberal” reporters in Indianapolis.  Please note, yours truly came in at #10,  I guess that means we’ll have to work harder for next year!  Happy Reading.

Indy’s Ten Most Liberal Political Writers

1 - Mathew Tully, Indianapolis Star

2 -Jim Shella, WISH-TV CH 8

3 - Sheila Suess Kennedy, Indianapolis Star

4 - Dan Carpenter, Indianapolis Star

5 - Tom Lobianco, Associated Press

6 - Mary Milz, WTHR-TV CH 13

7 - Mickey Mauer, Indianapolis Business Journal

8 - Steve Hammer, Nuvo

9 - Ken Bode, Gadfly & Former NBC Reporter

10 -Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, Gadfly & Former Radio Jock

A “Liberal’ or “Progressive” subscribes to some of the following: Anti-tea party, world government; weak local government; centralized state government; weak states’ rights; high progressive tax rates; pro Common Core; anti school vouchers; free universal health care; pro gun control; full rights to gay marriage; abortion without restriction; centralized economy; tax on hydrocarbon fuels; open international borders; lower national defense spending; and European Socialism.

Editor’s Note: This is their second list.  Originally, I was #7, I guess I’m not as liberal as they thought I was.

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    posted 18 January, 2013
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