Pence says He Will Veto “A Couple” Bills


During a bill signing aimed at making schools safer, Indiana Governor Mike Pence told reporters there are a couple of bills he plans to veto. 

To date, the Governor has signed virtually every bill that has come before him.  Only one went into law without his signature, HB 1070 which allowed Fishers and the Town of Cloverdale to enact a 1% food and beverage tax.

Pence would not say which bills he planned to veto, however he did note that he is still reviewing SB 621, the Marion County Government reorganization bill as well as legislation to help the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a $100 million 20-year loan.  Pence said both measures are getting careful review.

He says the public will know by tomorrow which bills he will veto. The deadline for all bills to be vetoed Friday, otherwise they become law regardless of whether the Governor signs it.

You can hear the Governor’s comments below.  They run approximately 13 minutes.

Leon-Tailored Audio: Indiana Governor Mike Pence

The Governor signed more than a dozen bills today, including SB 207 which allows approximately 200-300 undocumented students who had enrolled in an Indiana state college or university prior to July 1, 2011 to pay in-state tuition rates. 

The Governor also signed SB 162, which requires the the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) to aggregate information on performance goals, jobs created, expected jobs, recaptured incentives and tax credits claimed each year. It also ensures that taxpayers have access to deal terms and contracts between the IEDC and companies coming to or already in Indiana.    The online transparency portal launched by IEDC will make information easily accessible to the public.   Supporters the measure will promote more transparency in state government.

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    posted 07 May, 2013
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