Can You Hear Them Now?


The head of the Indiana Department of Correction says although they confiscated more than 2200 cell phones last year from inmates, prisoners continue to find creative ways to smuggle them into facilities.

Last week U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett announced the convictions  of dozens of alleged members of a drug ring run from three Central Indiana prisons.  Hogsett said the inmates ran a drug ring out of state prisons and even used cell phones while behind bars to conduct their business.

In addition, there were other media reports of inmates using cell phones to intimidate, harass and threaten potential trial witnesses.   That raised the question, how do inmates get such access and what can be done to stop it?  To find out, we spoke with Bruce Lemon, the head of the Indiana Department of Corrections.  

Your can hear Lemmon’s comments below.  They run approximately 12 minutes.

Leon-Tailored Audio: IDOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon

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    posted 06 November, 2013
    by indypolitics