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President Pence

Why does a Mike Pence Presidential run look a lot more likely today than yesterday?

Pence Heads to Germany


Indiana Governor Mike Pence today headed out fora near week-long trade mission to Germany.

Smith Leaving Pence Administration

As first reported in the January 30 edition of "The Cheat Sheet", Governor Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Bill Smith is leaving the administration.

Pence Dissolving Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives


Indiana Governor Mike Pence is dissolving the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI) , splitting its functions between his office and the Department of Workforce Development.

Pence Says Withdrawing from Common Core Won’t Hurt Hoosier Students

Although the nation’s major standardized exams are incorporating Common Core standards into their curriculum, Governor Mike Pence says Hoosier students won’t be harmed because the state is withdrawing from the guidelines.

The Statehouse Spin Cycle


Although Republicans and Democrats are offering different perspectives on the 2014 legislative session, they admit there were places were common ground was reached to offer bipartisan solutions to major issues.

My Three Candidates

Why did Governor Mike Pence want to meet recently with the three candidates for State Treasurer?

Pence Pushes Pre-School Vouchers


With a little more than two weeks remaining in the 2014 Legislative session, Governor Mike Pence says lawmakers should fund a pilot pre-school voucher program and study the long-term implications of implementing early childhood education.

Pence & the Marriage Amendment

Indiana Governor Mike Pence talks with NBC’s Chuck Todd on the marriage amendment.  Pence says the decision should be decided by the states.

Pelath Calls Session a “Miserable and Unproductive Failure”

Indiana House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath says lawmakers have failed the public by focusing on issues that don’t help working families.