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Pence Says Comprehensive Approach Needed to Fight Crime

With the recent spike in violence in Indianapolis and other parts of the state, Indiana Governor Mike Pence today outlined what the state is doing to help fight crime.

Pence Raises $1.2 Million in Second Quarter

Although he isn’t on the ballot again until 2016, either as Governor or Presidential candidate,  Indiana Governor Mike Pence brought in more than $1 million in the second quarter.

Pence, Lawmakers Open to Mandatory-Minimum Sentencing

Although violent offenders will serve more time behind bars under Indiana’s new criminal code, Governor Mike Pence and State Representative Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon)  both say they are open to looking at mandatory-minimum sentencing for violent gun crimes.

Indiana Won’t Recognize Most Same-Sex Marriages

The Pence administration has issued a memo to state agencies saying it will only recognize one same-sex marriage in Indiana.

Who Doesn’t Want Pence to be President?

Is there an organized effort to stop Mike Pence from running for President in 2016?

Pence Aide Departing

Governor Mike Pence announced today his deputy chief of Staff, Marilee Springer, is leaving the administration.

Penece Appoints New FSSA Secretary

As first reported in last week’s Cheat Sheet, Governor Mike Pence has named Dr. John. J. Wernert as Secretary of Indiana’s Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA), the first medical doctor in the history of FSSA to serve in this role. In addition, Governor Pence named former FSSA Secretary Michael Gargano as Deputy Secretary for Operations and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0.

Cheers and Jeers for Marriage Ruling

Reaction to a court ruling that Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution can be described as mixed, to put it mildly.

Pence Pushing Tax Simplification

Indiana Governor Mike Pence says he will make simplifying the state’s tax code a priority in the next session of the General Assembly.

While We Were Out

As you know we’ve been pulling double duty this week at WIBC-FM playing both morning and evening show host, so we’ve been a little preoccupied, but we’re still keeping tabs on Indiana’s political news, courtesy our brothers and sisters in the media.