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Indiana Gets One-Year Extension on NCLB Waiver

As first reported yesterday in "The Cheat Sheet", the state of Indiana has received a one-year extension for its No Child Left Waiver, however the federal government has warned there is still a lot of work to be done.

7th Circuit Hears Indiana Same-Sex Marriage Case


The State of Indiana today argued before a federal appeals court that a lower court ruling was incorrectly decided and the Legislature is within its authority to define marriage-licensing requirements in the traditional way of one man, one woman.

Capitol Conversations

Indy Politics sits downs and talks with Governor Mike Pence and House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath to get their respective assessments on how Indiana is faring.

Ballard Speaks to Charter School Closing

Indy Mayor Greg Ballard says the closure of a charter school for alleged cheating shows that accountability works.

Curry to Seek Death Penalty

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced today that his office has filed a request with the court to seek the death penalty against Major Davis II for the shooting death of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Perry Wayne Renn. 

Pence on Rush, Reversions and Ritz

Indiana Governor Mike Pence talks to Indy Politics and Statehouse Press corps about the appointment of Loretta Rush as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, his office’s reversion of funds from state agencies, even though the state has a surplus and his relationship with Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz.

Rush Wants to Continue Review of Marion County Judicial Practices

Indiana’s new Supreme Court Chief Justice says her goal is to continue to build public trust in the judicial system as well as review some judicial practices in Marion County.

Walorski’s VA Tour

Indy Politics talks with 2nd CD Congresswoman Jackie Walorski on her recent tour of VA facilities in Indiana as well as the bipartisan passing of legislation to fix the recent problems at the VA.

Family Feud

Indy Politics asks Indiana State Board of Education Member Brad Oliver whether the recent controversies with Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz means the position should be appointed rather than an elected position.

GOP Accuses Hogsett of Possible Hatch Act Violations

The Marion County Republican Party says it wants to know if Democratic Mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett violated the Hatch Act while he was U.S. Attorney.